Dry Yearlings 

Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Suzuki


Date of Birth: 2/15/2020

Sire: Kastdemur's Route 66

Dam: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Suzani

Description: One of the favorite kids of the year. Very long boned with great general appearance.

Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Sydney


Date of Birth: 2/17/2020

Sire: CH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Hero

Dam: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Monument

Description: A strong doeling who excels in general appearance and structural correctness. Very excited to watch her mature.

Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Tiffanys


Date of Birth: 3/2/2020

Sire: Alexander the Grape

Dam: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids JCPenney

Description: Another dairy type doeling with a strong set of feet and legs. 

Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Lefty-Lucy


Date of Birth: 3/2/2020

Sire: CH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Hero

Dam: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Oopsie-Daisy

Description: A beautiful doeling with great width and height to her escutcheon and a correct set to her rear legs. Cannot wait to see her freshen.

Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Kaldi


Date of Birth: 3/15/2020

Sire: CH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Hero

Dam: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Maxwell

Description: A correct doeling with a beautiful side profile and great dairy strength.

Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Token


Date of Birth: 4/3/2020

Sire: Kastdemur's Route 66

Dam:  Rustic Wood's Kala's Keepsake

Description: One of the younger doelings but she makes up for it in attitude. A stylish kid who has great angulation and feet/legs. 

GoheineFarms Clue

Date of Birth: 3/01/2020

Sire: Mint*Leaf Master of Disguise

Dam: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Trivia

Description: We were thrilled to be able to bring this doeling's bloodlines back into the herd. She is a another descendant of Karaoke and love her depth and power combined with structural soundness. 

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