Saanen Sr. Does

GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Zenyatta



 Date of Birth: 5/05/12


Sire: Loughlin's Stone Cold Clinton

Dam: Loughlin's Winning Colors


Description: Zenyatta is a doe that excels in general appearance. She is very long bodied and has amazing dairy character. She has a very correctly shaped mammary system with beautiful fore and rear attachments. 

Linear Appraisal 2017 - 90 VEEE

GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Secrets


Date of Birth: 3/02/14

Sire: Noble-Springs Tyrol Kaiser

Dam: Loughlin's Winning Colors 

Description: Secrets is a very long bodied doe with a very capacious mammary system that has a beautiful rear udder attachment and a long smooth fore udder. 

Linear Appraisal 2017 - 92 EEEE


Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Songbird


Date of Birth: 3/2/16

Sire: CH Noble Springs Moscow Mule
Dam: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Zenyatta

Description: Another beautiful doeling out of Zenyatta. Cannot wait to watch this girl mature. 

Linear Appraisal 2017 - 85 +V+V

Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Daytona 


Date of Birth: 2/17/16

Sire: CH Noble Springs Moscow Mule
Dam: CH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Indy

Description: A very large bodied doeling with great length of bone.

Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Alibi


Date of Birth: 2/10/16

Sire: CH Noble Springs Moscow Mule
Dam: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Secrets

Description: A stylish kid just like her dam with great arch and width to the escutcheon.

Milking Yearling

Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Fame

Date of Birth: 2/4/17

Sire: CH Noble-Springs Moscow Mule
Dam: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Rags to Riches

Description: A very correct little doeling. We can't wait to watch her grow and mature.

Dry Yearling

Old-English Joile

Date of Birth: 2/9/17

Sire: Old-English Dreamweaver
Dam: Old-English Flair

Description: A large powerful doe with great general appearance.

2018 Kids

Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Zuma


Date of Birth: 2//18

Dam: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids


Current Sires


Previous Sires

Old-English Jumangi


                                                                                Eva (photo courtesy of Carol Mann)

Date of Birth: 3/1/17

Sire: Willow-Lane Elliot
Dam: Old-English Eva

Description: Another strong buckling from Old-English Saanen's. We cannot wait to see how he improves out girls. 

CH Noble-Springs Moscow Mule


                                                                                      Alcoa (picture thanks to Justyne Noble)


Date of Birth: 3//14

Sire: Noble-Springs WMV DAX
Dam: Noble-Springs NSME Alcoa

Description: Another strong buckling from Noble-Springs. We are very excited to add him to our herd. His is a very long boned, upstanding kid.



Noble-Springs Tyrol Kaiser




                                                                                       Mindy, picture thanks to Noble Springs Dairy

Date of Birth: 2/21/13

Sire: Sartyr Eclipse Tyrol

Dam: GCH Noble-Springs AS Mindy

Description: An absolute stunning buckling from the Noble-Springs dairy. His paternal grandma was the Saanen national champion in 2012, and his sire is the full brother to the 2012 spotlight sale Saanen buckling.

Loughlin's Stone Cold Clinton


                                                          Shes a stone cold fox, picture thanks to Kristin Loughlin

Date of Birth:  2/19/11

Sire: Old-English Clinton

Dam: Loughlin's Shes a stone cold fox (EX 91 EEEE)

Description: Clinton is a very stylish buckling. He's very upstanding and long. We are hoping he will add height and width to our does rear udders.


 Old-English Zodiac

 Yatiana, Picture thanks to Carol Mann

Date of Birth: 4/13/09

Sire: Old-Enlgish Emperor ++*B

Dam: SGCH Old-English Yatiana (AI) 4*M

Description: Zodiac is a very correct young buck. He is extremely wide between the hocks, and level down the his topline. 

AI Sires

Companeros Foxy Supernova