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  • Chevron 92EEEE
  • Sinclair 91VEEE
  • Secrets 91VEEE
  • Frankie (2yr. FF) 89VEEE
  • Daytona (2 yr. FF) 88VEEV
  • Deal 87VEEV
  • Songbird 87VV+E
  • Fame (1 yr. FF) 87VEEV
  • Luvs  (1yr. FF) 86+EEV
  • Okie Dokie (1yr. FF) 86+EVV



  • Jaycee 93EEEE
  • Canasta 92EEEE
  • Karaoke 91VEEE
  • Kae-cee 91VEEE
  • Sinclair (2yr, 2ndF) 91EEEE
  • EZPZ (2yr, FF) 89VEEE
  • Chevron (2yr, FF) 89VEEE
  • Persimmon (2yr,FF) 84V+V+
  • Emmy (1yr) 84+VV+
  • Deal (1yr) 85VVVV
  • Initiative (yearling buck) 85+VE


  • Zenyatta 90VEEE
  • Secrets 92EEEE
  • Rags to Riches 90VEEE
  • Songbird (1yr, 2 weeks fresh) 85+V+V


      We test annually for CAE and have always kept a CAE free herd. We are proud to report that once again the blood was analyzed through Bio-Tracking and returned with all NEGATIVE results.

*Milk Test

      Our herd was put on DHIR test in 2009 and have been performing very well. Several does earn their milking star every year.


*2018 Show Results

2018 ADGA National Show- Columbus, OH

  • Frankie (2 yo) 4th/45
  • Sinclair (3 yo) 6th/29
  • Chevron (3 yo) 9th/29
  • Deal (2 yo) 13th/45
  • Luvs (1 yo) 10th/23
  • Maxwell (Sr. Kid) 1st/42 - RESERVE JR CHAMPION
  • Oopsie Daisy (Jr. Kid) 1st/25
  • Cera-Top (Int. Kid) 2nd/34
  • Cherimoya (Sr. Yrlg) 4th/41
  • Sunday (Jr. Kid) 5th/25
  • Mystery Date (Sr. Kid) 4th/42
  • Suzani (Sr. Kid) 5th/42
  • 1st Place Jr. Get - Kastdemur's Route 66
  • 1st Place Best 3 Jr. Does (Maxwell, Oopsie, Cera-Top)
  • Secrets (3yo) 4th place
 1st Place Jr. Get

Boone Companions - Sedalia, MO

  • Karaoke- BOB and BDIS x 2 rings
  • Secrets- BOB x 3 rings
  • Chevron- Sr. Grand Champion x 1 ring; Res. Grand x 1 ring
  • Daytona- Grand Champion x 1 ring
  • Luvs- Grand Champion x 1 ring
  • Suzani - Grand Champ x 1 ring
  • Cera-Top - Grand Champ x 1 ring
Arkansas - District V LaMancha Specialty
  • Mystery Date - Grand Champ rings 1 & 2
  • Monument - 1st place Sr. Kid x 3 rings
  • Zuma - Grand Champ rings 1 & 4
  • Suzani - 1st place Int. Kid x 4 rings; Res. Champ x 1 ring
  • Freestyle - 2nd place Int. Kid x 1 ring
  • Paisley - 2nd place Dry yrlg
  • Maxwell - Grand Junior Champ ring 3

*2017 Show Results

2017 ADGA National Show- Maddison, WI


Judge: Julie Matthys  Assistant: Karen Smith


1st PLACE BEST 3  



1st JR. GET OF SIRE - High-Tor Dharma's Initiative 


Jaycee: Reserve Best Udder of Breed; 1st/7 Aged Doe 

Canasta: Grand Champion; Best Udder of Breed; 1st/23  4yo

Sinclair: 4th/43  2 yo

EZPZ: 12th/43  2 yo

Frankie: Reserve Champion Jr; 1st/35  Sr. Yearling

Ivy: 4th/35 Sr. Yearling

Roulette: 2nd/28 Sr. Kid

Okie Dokie: 3rd place Sr. Kid

Paisley: 7th/28 Sr. Kid

Cherimoya: 9th/38 Int. Kid


Judge: Todd Biddle  Assistant: Julie Matthys

Secrets: 3rd/34 with 2nd/34 udder 3yo

Rags: 7th/34  3yo

Alibi: 10th/21 Sr. Yearling

Jolie: 4th/17 Sr. Kid

Boon Companions - Sedalia, MO

- Ring 1: Dan Considine (District V Saanen Specialty)


Karaoke: Best of Breed

Roulette: Grand Jr. Champion


Secrets: Grand Champion Sr., BOB, BDIS

2nd place dairy herd

2nd place produce of dam (Winning Colors)

- Ring 2: Tom Considine (District V LaMancha Specialty)


Karaoke: BOB, BDIS

1st place dairy herd 

Luvs: Grand Champion Jr. Doe


Secrets: Grand Champion Sr. Doe, BOB

- Ring 3: Yvonne Blosser


Karaoke: BOB, BDIS

Paisley: Grand Champion Jr. Doe


Fame: Reserve Champion Jr.

SWMDG - Sedalia, MO

- Ring 1: Pat Hendrickson


Canasta: Best of Breed

Sinclair: Reserve Champion Sr. Doe

Roulette: Reserve Champion Jr. Doe


Secrets: Reserve Champion Sr. Doe

Champagne: Reserve Champion Jr. Doe

- Ring 2: Kassandra Abrams


Canasta: Best of Breed; Best in Show

EZPZ - Reserve Champion Sr. Doe

Okie Dokie: Grand Champion Jr. Doe

Roulette: Reserve Champion Jr. Doe

Saanens - 

Secrets: Reserve Sr. Champion

Jolie: Grand Champion Jr. 

- Ring 3: Sarah Hazeltine

LaManchas - 

Canasta: Best of Breed, Best in Show

Sinclair: Reserve Sr. Champion

Cherimoya: Grand Champion Jr, Best Jr. in Show

London: Reserve Jr. Champion


Secrets: Grand Champion Sr, Best of Breed

Champagne: Grand Champion Jr. 

- Ring 4: Amy Akramoff


Canasta: Best of Breed

EZPZ: Reserve Sr. Champion

London: Grand Jr. Champion, BJDIS

Roulette: Reserve Jr. Champion


Secrets: Sr. Champion, Best of Breed, BDIS

Fame: Reserve Champion Jr.

*2016 Show Results

ADGA National Show- Harrisburg, PA

Judge: Dan Laney   Assistant: Aaron Carter







1st JR. GET OF SIRE - Mint*Leaf Deadly Sin 


Jaycee: Best Udder of Breed; 1st Place Aged Doe 

QT: 5/28 3 year old 

Karaoke: 6/28 3 year old

Kae-cee: 3/35 2 year old 

Sinclair: 5/27 yearling milker

Chevron: 4/35 dry yearling

Persimmon: 7/35 dry yearling

EZPZ: 9/35 dry yearling

Aurora: 5th Sr. Kid

Ivy: 6th Sr. Kid

Frankie: 1st Int. Kid

Valero: 19th Int. Kid

Lets Make a Deal: 6/11 Jr. Kids


Judge: Ed Cavanagh Assistant: Aaron Carter

Zenyatta: 6/13  4 year old

Secrets: 5/34   2 year old

Rags: 6/34    2 year old 

MOKAN - Sedalia, MO

Ring 1: Dan Laney (District V Lamancha Specialty)

Jaycee: Best  Udder of Breed

Canasta: Sr. Grand Champion

Frankie: Jr. Grand Champion

EZPZ: Res. Jr. Grand Champion

1st place Dairy Herd, best 3, dam/daughter, 3 generations, 1st Sr. Get of Sire

Secrets: Res. Sr. Grand Champion

Daytona: Jr. Grand Champion/BJDIS

Alibi: Res. Jr. Grand Champion

Ring 2:

Jaycee: BOB

Kae-cee: Sr. Grand Champion

Canasta: Res. Sr. Grand Champion

Valero: Jr. Grand Champion

Rags to Riches: Sr. Grand Champion

Secrets: Res. Sr. Grand Champion


MidAmerica - Sedalia, MO

Ring 1:

Jaycee: BOB

Kae-cee: Sr. Grand Champion

EZPZ: Jr. Grand Champion/BJDIS

Emmy: Res. Jr. Grand Champion

Zenyatta: BOB

Secrets: Res. Sr. Grand Champion

Alibi: Jr. Grand Champion

Ring 2:

Kae-cee: Sr. Grand Champion

Aurora: Jr. Grand Champion/BJDIS

Rags to Riches: Sr. Grand Champion/BOB

Songbird: Res. Jr. Grand Champion


SWMDG - Carthage, MO 


*2015 Show Results
Boon Companions - Sedalia, MO
ring 1: Timothy Flickinger, ring 2: Mark Baden, ring 3: Josh Kaplewski - LaMancha District V Specialty)
Karaoke: BOB & BDIS ring 3 (only shown in this ring)
QT: Res Sr Champ ring 3 (only shown in this ring)
DeeJay: Res. Grand Sr. ring 1
Canasta: Grand Sr. ring 2
Chevron: Grand Jr. ring 2
Persimmon: Grand Jr. ring 1 & 3
Clementine: Res Jr. ring 1 & 2
Kae-cee: Res Jr. ring 3 (only shown in this ring)
Zenyatta: BOB ring 1 & 2, BDIS ring 2 (not shown in ring 3)
Azeri: Grand Jr. ring 1
Stella: Grand Jr. ring 2
Secrets: Res Grand Jr ring 2 & 3
1st place Sr. Get of Sire - Mint*Leaf Disaronno
1st place Produce of Dam - Jaycee (QT & DeeJay)
1st place Jr. Get of Sire - Lucky Star Denzel
2nd place Jr. Get of Sire - Mint*Leaf Deadly Sin

Land of OZ- Hutchison, KS
(ring 1:Kassandra Abrams, ring 2:Don Bergfield, ring 3:Joe Pilotte, ring 4:Joshua Kaplewski)
Karaoke: BOB ring 1 & 2 (not shown in ring 3 & 4)
QT: Best Udder Lamancha ring 2, Grand ring 3, BOB ring 4
DeeJay: Res. Grand ring 3
Sinclair: Grand Jr. ring 1
Persimmon: Res. Grand Jr. ring 4
Chevron: 1st place int. kid ring 3
Zenyatta:BOB x 4 rings, BDIS ring 3, BUIS ring 1&4
Azeri: Grand Jr. x 4 rings
Rags to Riches: Res. Grand x 3 rings

Fredonia, KS (ring 1: Dan Laney/ring 2: Jennifer Lohman-Peterson)
Karaoke: 2nd place 2yo milker/Best of Breed
QT: Reserve Grand Champ LaMancha/2nd place 2yo milker
KaeCee: BJDIS/1st place yearling
Trivia: 1st place int kid/Grand Champion Jr. Doe
Zenyatta: BSDIS/BOB
Azeri: Grand Champ Jr./Grand Champ Jr.

*2014 Show Results
Fredonia, KS (ring 1: Gary Whithead/ring 2: Karen Smith)
Andromedra: 1st place yearling milker/2nd place yearling milker
DeeJay: Reserve Sr. Champion/2nd place 2 year old
Faline: 3rd place 2 year old/3rd place 2 year old
P.J.: 4th place 2 year old
Canasta: reserve junior champion/2nd place yearling
Elsa: Grand Champion Jr. Doe/2nd place March Kid
Kae-Cee: 4th place March kid/5th place March Kid
Colors: Reserve Sr. Champion X 2
Eva: 1st place 2 year old/2nd place 2 year old
Dana: 1st place dry yearling X 2
Sienna: 2nd place dry yearling X 2
Indy: Grand Champion Jr. and Best Jr. Doe of Show
Stella: Grand Champion Jr./Reserve Champion Jr.
Secrets: 3rd place March Kid/2nd place March Kid and reserve jr. champion

*2013 Show Results


ADGA National Show 


1st place Best 3 Senior Does, Dam and Daughter, Junior Get of Sire

2nd place Best 3 Junior Does

Jaycee: Reserve Grand Champion, Reserve Best Udder

Kala: 2nd place 5-6 year old

Kiwi: 9th place 3 year old

PJ:  6th place dry yearling

DeeJay: 5th place dry yearling

Faline: 12th place dry yearling

Karaoke: 1st place Senior Kid

Isabelle: 7th place Senior Kid

QT: 15th place Intermediate Kid


2nd place Best three Junior does, Junior Get of Sire

Eva: 2nd place Senior Yearling

Zenyatta: 1st place Junior Yearling

Sienna: 2nd place Senior Kid

Risk: 8th place junior kid

 Little Rock, AR 

Ring 1: Will Pearson     

Fortune: 1st Jr. Kid

Canasta: 2nd Jr. Kid

Isabelle: 1st Int. Kid, Reserve Jr. Champ

Karaoke: 2nd Int. Kid

PJ: 1st Sr. Yearling, Grand Champ Jr.

Feline: 2nd Sr. Yearling

Celine: 2nd 2 yr. old

Kiwi: 1st 3 yr. old, Grand Champ Sr.

Jaycee: BOB

Sienna (Saanen): 1st Int. Kid, Grand Champ Jr.

Zenyatta (Saanen): 1st Jr. Yearling, Res. Jr. Champ

Ring 2: Timothy Flickinger (District V specialty)

Fortune: 1st Jr. Kid

Karaoke: 1st Int. Kid, Grand Champ Jr.

Isabelle: 2nd Int. Kid

Feline: 1st Sr. Yearling

PJ: 2nd Sr. Yearling

Kharma: 1st 2 yr. old, Reserve Sr. Champ

Kiwi: 1st 3 yr. old, Grand Champ Sr.

Jaycee: BOB, BIS

1st Dairy Herd, Senior Get (Rev), Junior Get (Diso)

Sienna: 1st Int. Kid, Res Champ Jr.

Zenyatta: 1st Jr. Yearling, Grand Champ Jr.

Ring 3: Todd Biddle (Jr. Show Only)

Canasta: 1st Jr. Kid

QT: 1st Int. Kid, Grand Champ Jr., BIS

Feline: 2nd Sr. Yearling

Sienna: 1st Int. Kid, Grand Champ Jr.

Zenyatta: 1st Jr. Yearling, Res Champ Jr.

Ring 4: Kristopher Fraley (Jr. Show Only)

Fortune: 1st Jr. Kid, Res. Champ Jr.

Sienna: 1st Int Kid, Res Champ Jr.

Zenyatta: 1st Jr. Yearling, Grand Champ Jr.

*2012 Show Results

MoKan, Sedalia, MO (2 rings) *LaMancha Specialty

Best of Show Sr. Doe: Jaycee

Best of Breed Sr. LaMancha: Jaycee, Kala

Grand Champion Jr. LaMancha: DeeJay

Res. Grand Champion Jr. LaMancha: Papyrus, Faline

Res. Champion LaMancha Buck: Navigator, Disaronno

Best of Breed Saanen: Dakota

Grand Champion Sr. Saanen: Dakota (X2)

Res. Champion Sr. Saanen: Colors

Grand Champion Jr. Saanen: Eva

Res. Grand Champion Jr. Saanen: Eva, Harper

1st place Jr. Get: Disaronno

1st place Dam and Daughter: Kala and Kiwi

1st place Dam and Produce: Kala, Kiwi, Kharma

1st place 3 Generations: Kala, Kiwi, Mango

Weeping Water, NE (2 rings) *Saanen Specialty

Best of Breed LaMancha: Jaycee

1st place 2 yr. old LaMancha: Kala

Res. Champ Jr. LaMancha: Mango (X2)

Grand Champ Sr. Saanen: Dakota

Res. Grand Champ Sr. Saanen: Dakota

Grand Champ Jr. Saanen: Sahara, Harper

1st place Best Three Junior Does (Saanen)

1st place Jr. Get of Sire: Clinton


*2011 Show Results

     Weeping Water, NE (2 rings)

Best of Breed LaMancha: Kala

1st place LaMancha Senior Trio

1st place LaMancha Sr. Get (Wiseguy)

2nd place LaMancha Jr. Get (Revin It Up)

Champion LaMancha Jr. Doe: Kharma

Res. Champion LaMancha Jr. Doe: Limo

Champion Saanen Sr. Doe: Breezy

1st place 2 yr. old LaMancha Milker: Jaycee, Shania

1st place LaMancha Sr. Kid: Anita 

      MOKAN (2 rings)

Res. Champion LaMancha Jr. Doe: Kenya, Kharma

Champion Saanen Jr. Doe:  Sahara, Libby

Reserve Champion Saanen Sr. Doe: Breezy

       Dewey, OK (3 rings)

Best Sr. Doe of Show: Jaycee

Champion LaMancha Sr. Doe: Jaycee

Res. Champion LaMancha Sr. Doe: Kongo

Champion LaMancha Jr. Doe: Queen of Harts

Reserve Champion LaMancha Jr. Doe: Limo

Champion Saanen Jr. Doe: Shiloh

Reserve Champion Saanen Jr. Doe: Suri, Ava 

*2010 Show Results

       2010 ADGA Nationals


1st place Intermediate Kid: Pharoah               5th place 2 yr. old milker: Kala

3rd place Senior Kid: Kongo                              9th place Sr. Yearling: Martini

8th place Senior Kid: Marie                               2nd place Jr. Get of Sire: Revin it Up

14th place Senior Kid: Kiwi                               4th place Best 3 Jr. Does

11th place Junior Kid: Jupiter                         (Saanen) 11th place Sr. Yearling: Gucci


       2010- Holten, KS (2 rings)


Best Jr. Doe of Show: Sarabi                 Best of Breed: Carrie, Kala

1st place Sr. Kid: Kongo, Sarabi             Grand Champion Sr. Doe: Carrie, Kala

2nd place Sr. Kid: Sarabi, Kongo            Jr. Champion: Sarabi

1st place Int. Kid: Pharaoh  X 2             Res. Jr. Champion: Pharoah

1st place 2 year old: Carrie, Kala          (Saanen) Res Sr. Champ: Reese

(Saanen) Jr. Champ: Gucci


        2010- Boone Companions-Sedalia, MO 


Champion Sr. Doe- Carrie                  Reserve Champion Jr. Doe- Sarabi

Res. Champion Sr. Doe- Mouse          1st place Jr. Doe- Jupiter

Champion Jr. Doe- Pharoah              (Saanen) Champion Sr. Doe- Reese


       2010-Mokan-Sedalia, MO (2 rings)

LaManchas                                               Saanens

Champion Sr. Doe (X2): Kala                  Champion Sr. Doe: Reese

Champion Jr. Doe: Zira                           Res. Champion Sr. Doe: Reese

Res. Champion Jr. Doe: Jupiter


       2010- Dewey, OK (4 rings)

Best Jr. Doe of Show: Kiwi

1st place LaMancha Dairy Herd District V specialty

Champion LaMancha Jr. Doe: Jaycee, Kongo, Kiwi

Reserve Champion LaMancha Sr. Doe: Kala

Champion Saanen Sr. Doe: Reese

Reserve Champion Saanen Sr. Doe: Reese, Breezy


        2010- Springfield, MS (4 rings)

Best Jr. Doe of Show: Shamrock, Dakota

Champion LaMancha Jr. Doe: Marie, Shamrock, Shania

Reserve Champion LaMancha Jr. Doe: Shamrock

Grand Champion Saanen Jr. Doe: Dakota X 2, Gucci

Reserve Champion Saanen Sr. Doe: Breezy