Current Bucks

CH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Hero


(picture courtesty of Rustic Wood's Farm)                                                                                                    Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Kala

Date of Birth: 3/3/2015

Sire:  Lucky*Star's RA Denzel

Dam: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Kala

Description:  Pleased to have this home grown guy back at Jen-mae-Ka Kids. He's a very large powerful buck with beautiful general appearance. He has several beautiful daughters already apart of Rustic Woods herd.


Mint*Leaf Master of Disguise



                                                                                                                                           Elusive (photo courtesy of Julie Matthys)

Date of Birth: 3/1/18

Sire:  Autumn-Acres Pitch Black 

Dam: CH Mint*Leaf Elusive

Description:  Again we are privileged to add another exception Mint*Leaf buckling to our line up. He is a beautiful boy with so much potential. Can't wait to see how his genetics mix with our girls.


CH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Johnny


                                                                                                                                                 Full Sister - Frankie

Date of Birth: 3/2/16

Sire: Lucky*Star's RA Denzel

Dam: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Charley

Description:  We were very pleased to be able to bring back another buck who was bred on our farm. Johnny is the full brother to Frankie and we are very excited to bring more of those blood lines back into our herd.

Kastdemur's Route 66


                                                                                    Avena (photo courtesy of Kastdemur's)

Date of Birth: 2/25/17

Sire: Kastdemur's Landslide

Dam: SGCH Kastdemur's Avena

Description: We have awaited a buckling out of Avena for years and are so happy to finally be able to welcome this handsome kid into our herd. He is very long boned and dairy.  Currently out on lease. 

Reference Sires

J-Haven's SA AlexanderTheGrape


                                                                                                                                                               Chutney (photo courtesy of J-Haven)

Date of Birth: 3/4/2019

Sire:  Heart Mt Total Sarcasm

Dam: CH J-Haven's PE Cherry Chutney

Description:  I was so excited to bring this guy into the herd. His dam is one of my favorites with a gorgeous mammary system. Hoping to use this guy to help lengthen and widen our fore udder attachments. 

Autumn-Acres Pirate's Gold 


Sealya (photo courtesy of Autumn Acres)

Date of Birth: 3/20/18

Sire: Autumn-Acres Going for Gold

Dam: Autumn-Acres Storm Sealya

Description: A very big boned, wide powerful buckling who's dam was the 1st place milking yearling at ADGA Nationals 2018.  Unfortunately we lost Gold too soon but we did retain his only daughter Lennon. 

Mint*Leaf Auburn War Eagle 


                                                                                         Auburn (photo courtesy of Julie Matthys)

Date of Birth: 2/15/17

Sire: Huricane-PM HSW Decadent

Dam: Mint*Leaf Sirius Auburn 

Description: A beautiful, long boned, correct buckling. We hope he will continue to improve feet and legs and mammary systems on our does. 

High-Tor Dharma Initiative


                                                                           High-Tor Dharma (photo courtesy Lesi Diaz)

Date of Birth: 1/15/16

Sire: High-Tor Emery 

Dam:  High-Tor Dharma

Description: An exciting new young herd sire from a very strong line. 

Linear Appraisal 2017 - 85 +VE

CH Mint*Leaf Badge of Honor


Date of Birth: 4/05/15

Sire: Heart Mt ChittyChitty BangBang

Dam:  Mint*Leaf Everlasting Charity

Description: We are very excited to be adding another strong Mint*Leaf buck to our herd. 

Lucky*Star's RA Denzel


                                                                         Lucky Star's LOT Vivian- picture thanks to Judi Hoy

Date of Birth: 4/28/13

Sire: *B Rockin-CB Aces Around

Dam:  Lucky Star's LOT Vivian 4*M

Description:  My very first doe was out of a Lucky Star LaMancha and I am thrilled to bring in this strong bloodline once again. Denzel is extremely long bodied with exceptional general appearance. His kids all have long bone patterns with dairy strength. 


Mint* Leaf Deadly Sin


                                                                                            Mint*Leaf Divine-picture thanks to Julie Matthys

Date of Birth: 3/24/13

Sire: Mint*Leaf Sin City 

Dam: Mint*Leaf Divine


Description: This is a very flashy buck with a level topline and a great set of feet and legs. His only doe kid this year (Charley) looks just like him and has the strongest feet and legs of all the kids this year. 

Mint* Leaf Disaronno


                                                                                          CH Mint*Leaf Amaretto (2 yr. old) - picture thanks to Julie Matthys


Date of Birth: 2/25/10

Sire: Altrece Cosmopolitan

Dam: CH Mint* Leaf Amaretto


Description: I fell in love with Amaretto when I saw her as a yearling milker at nationals and am thrilled to get to use a buck out of her. He is extremely correct with a great set to his hind legs and great width throughout. His doelings this year are very stylish and very consistent. 


Heart Mt Carter Tweed Navigator


                                                                                         Dam: Nikki 4 yrs. old *Picture thanks to Aaron Carter

Date of Birth: 2/25/10

Sire: GCH One Oak Hill Mac Tumble Weed

Dam: SGCH Heart Mt Carter Kids Nikki  (3*M)


Description: Navigator is a very impressive buck. He is out of my favorite dam Nikki from Aaron Carter's herd and I have been waiting for a buck kid out of her for a long time. He is extremely long boned, dairy and angular while still maintaining great width. His doelings have been performing very well in the show ring.

Autumn-Acres Sirius Orange 


Date of Birth:  2/26/11


Sire: Willow Run WRP Sirius Black

Dam: CH Autumn-Acres Tressa's Tawny


Description: Orange is owned by Barb Walder-Hittle, and I want to thank her for letting us use this beautiful guy on a few of our does this fall. He is a very structurally correct buck with great stature and length. I am very excited to see how he will cross with some of my does. 


Autumn-Acres Revin It Up



Date of Birth: 3/28/09


Sire: Kastdemur's Up and Atom *B

Dam: Autumn-Acres Miss Roana


Description: Rev is a gorgeous buck with great general appearance. He is also very angular and wide throughout. He has sired several beautiful does that have excelled in the show ring. These include the 1st place Intermediate Kid and the 3rd place Senior Kid at the 2010 ADGA Nationals. 

Heart Mt SunDiego


Date of Birth: 2/21/09


Sire: One Oak Hill Tweed Luxor +B

Dam: Becca's Tuscan Sunrise 2*M


Description: Diego is a big, long bodied buck who is extremely powerful. I bought him to replace Sumo and I want to thank Aaron Carter. I have a beautiful doeling out of him and I look forward to watching her mature.

 Kastdemur's Twisted Tornado


Date of Birth: 4/15/09


Sire: Dragon Taipei's Toronto +B

Dam: SGCH Kastdemur's Twisted Sister 3*M


Description: I was very excited when I was offered a chance to be part owner in this Kastdemur's buck. He was a very stylish and upstanding young buck. Unfortunately he is deceased, but I was able to get a few beautiful doelings out of him and they are definitely kids to keep an eye out for.

CH High-Tor Wiseguy


Date of Birth: 3/16/06


Sire: Kastdemur's Deviant +*B

Dam: CH High-Tor Mt Necco (AI)


Description: Wiseguy has great general appearance with strong feet and legs. His kids are extremely uniform and have done very well in the show ring. I recently freshened does out of him and they have very capacious well attached mammary systems.  He is the sire of both Kala and Carrie who finished as first freshening two year olds.

Heart Mt BK Sumo

 Dam: Sumatra 7 yrs *Picture thanks to Aaron Carter

Date of Birth: 3/23/08


Sire: Willow Run Bottercelli Big K *B

Dam: SGCH Willow Run Nostra Sumatra 3*M


Description: Sumo was a long dairy type buck. He was extremely flashy and correct. Unfortunately we lost Sumo, but I still have one of his daughters who freshened very well.

Woodbine-Way LR Xanadu

(No Picture)

Date of Birth: 3/18/04


Sire: La Rue's GC Sweet Romancer

Dam: GCH Loda's DL High Anxiety 3*M


Description: Xanadu was a very large framed long bodied buck. He added size to my herd and his daughters have freshened with well attached very capacious mammary systems.